Who We Are

Our Story

Welcome to ProExpress Docs where we produce unique database registered documents and novelty documents which can be used globally and will  pass all airport scans and optical readers. Our documents posses all security features and look exactly like real documents. We can also offer you Novelty Documents like ID cards, passports and drivers license which looks real but just for the fact that are not registered in the database indegenerique.com.


Our company philosophy is to print those documents that you want so badly  but cant get it readily because of certain restrictions.



Premium Quality Printers

Premium Quality Print with standard output for all documents.

Fast and Discreet Shipping

We do professional packaging and shipping on all the documents we produce

Affordable Prices

45 Days Money Back

we offer a 45-days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

Friendly Customer Support

We employ a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents that are available 24/7

Advanced Technology

We are upto date on the most advanced and cutting edge technology in the travel document Industry

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